He’s not what I want. But may be he’s what I need. I need someone that’s into me. I need someone to give me kisses and cuddles.

I need someone there all the time. May be not all the time but you get the drift. I crave affection and he’s all that.

He’s a great kisser. He told me he hasn’t met a girl yet that kisses like I do. I kiss like he kisses. With passion?

Part of me is scared. I’ve been complacent again. I’ve unwittingly let him in. I think he’s very happy with himself.

Last night he sent me another poem.

Ok Shiny

This might be a bit lame – but I feel it.

“In your embrace,

I can’t sleep,

I can’t sleep.

Touching your face,

I can’t sleep,

I can’t sleep.

Your breath on mine,

I can’t sleep,

I can’t sleep.

Holding you from behind,

I can’t sleep,

I can’t sleep.

Fighting the drifting,

To kiss you some more,

My mind never shifting,

Coz it’s you I adore.

A night full of wonder,

That lifted my soul,

How can this be real,

Why this makes me so whole.

A yearning so strong,

Much more than desire,

A need in my soul,

That will never expire.

To have you in my life,

Till we take our last sigh,

And never to sleep,

As we’re lifted so high.”

I hope you like it darling


My reply

In your embrace,

I found my shelter

In your gaze

I found my soul

Your breath on mine

I felt alive

Spooning you

I felt complete

As Your kisses rained down

My walls crumbled

My foundations waned