I felt lighter today once I’ve decided to end the relationship. It’s the right thing to do.

I should have finished it off ages ago. Mr Boardie was like enjoy your single life.

Yesterday Mr Cocky came over. He gave me cuddles and it felt good. Why should I give it all up for a floppy dick?

I mean who in their right mind would?

The more I analysed it the more I knew why I fell. He was feeding me stuff about the future.

He planned everything. He knew what he wanted. I used to plan in my old relationship and I got tired. To have someone plan for me was really nice.

He tells me I am sweet. He tells me things that I’d liked to hear but little by little the more he talked the more he slipped.

The more he showed me of his girls the more I got cautious.

The evening with friends didn’t go well. It showed him up as an idiot, a better term a dickhead.

Everyone was telling me to ditch him. The worse bit was me trying to defend him.

Then even worse on Monday washing his shirt stained with someone’s foundation/ fake tan. And after that ironing it.

I told him I don’t iron. My ex used to iron for me.

Anyhow with all that’s happened I need to let him go. He’s no good for me. Someone up there was looking out for me. If I didn’t let him tag along on Sunday to the meet up with friends it would have taken me much longer to ditch him.

It just sped up the process. Showed him in true light.

I trust my friends. I trust Mr Boardie the most. He’d always have my back.