Whilst lying in bed with Mr Cocky the other night he tested his charms on me. He kept looking at my lips and I cracked up.

I told him look stop it. Your charms does not work on me 😂 I’m immuned. Apparently it’s one of his pick up strategy. It’s working so far with the ladies except with me 😂 He’s not a potential. He’s a FWB and that’s that.

When I meet a guy I put them into either FWB or potential. FWB means fun to be with but a no go zone.

Yesterday afternoon the cleaner came down to empty our bins and we always have a little chat.

She complimented me. She said I looked beautiful in my dress at the Christmas do.

She subtly reminded me that I am beautiful and that I should be going out with a great guy so my ex won’t laugh at me.

Today is the day. I’m meeting him to break up.

A part of me is sad. I do want a long term relationship but only with the right person.

I guess I’m tired.