Australian humour..found this on the internet. Our fire season started early this year. It’s a worry.

I went to the volunteers Christmas do yesterday. It was so nice to see everyone again.

I ended up catching a tram and then a taxi home with Mr Boardie. We talked heaps. He told me to leave it 2 years before jumping into a serious relationship.

He was like clearly you’re not ready. You went for a guy that’s just like your ex.

He joked he might have to “vet” all the guys that I date then.

We ended up in bed. I needed cuddles. Though both of us too tired to do anything much.

I’m sad today. Been sad for the last few days. I know he’s not right for me yet I’m still sad. Didn’t expect it to affect me this much.

So very complacent. Should have never let him in.

I’m happy usually until something happens and I find myself in the darkness again. It’s awful. It feels like the happiness I feel is not real but superficial.

If I’m truly happy then why do I feel like crap? Why do I keep on ending up in the pit?