My flowers..they have a nice scent. I’m back in the dump trying to crawl back out.

Managed to cook a meal for the kids yesterday. Today I’m sorting out my place. Waited all morning for my tree only to find out it’s coming this afternoon.

Anyhow all good as it forced me to tidy up my pigsty. Lots of washing up, laundry only thing left really is to do my floors. If I can be bothered.

I’m only working one day this week. Back to the usual. I’m glad, as I hated all the running around for just 3 hours of work.

Then it’s two weeks off as both Christmas Day and New Year Day falls on a Wednesday.

Just wish my blues would go away.

Trying to cheer myself up. Bought a real Christmas tree. I’m going to go hunt for decorations once my tree comes today. They deliver install and take away. Was a bit pricey but I thought why not?

I’ve been working hard and well I can splurge. Here is hoping the kids love it too.

I was going to book us tickets to go see Carols by Candlelight but it’s too late and tickets are very expensive.

They hold them at the Myer Music Bowl which is an outdoor amphitheater on Christmas Eve.

will stay home and watch it on TV. Now what to cook for the kids? Either that or I’ll get platters.