I can’t seem to switch it off. The more I have the more I want.

After 3 sessions yesterday I craved more so I contacted Mr Cocky to tease him 😂 It worked as he came over and we went at it. I mean what’s wrong with me ? 4 in one day?

This morning I woke up and still want more.

It’s like an invisible switch is on and there’s no off button.

Mr Cocky told me I creep him out. We both like to cook, like to wander taking street art photos and now another point in common, we both used to live in the same area.

He went on to tell me about his childhood. We tends to talk a lot. I think he thinks he can share anything with me as he knows I’m just a FWB. He doesn’t have to walk on egg shells. Apart from the sex I’m a friend.

He was also adamant that even after I find Mr Potential he still wants me as a lover.

He was like you know you love my ….you know you crave it. And yes he’s got a nice one. It’s thick and straight and around 8 inches long. A fact he keeps on reminding me 😂

When he’s away or at work I’m going to ring you up and I’ll come over and we can play.

He says he loves sex with me 😂 I’m like yeh yeh. Mr Hobbling thinks I’m a sex Goddess as he hasn’t been with someone that loves sex that much 😂

Anyhow today coffee is with a potential. He’s an engineer. Sounds educated and loves the arts. If my wall bed tradies don’t come around we are off to Montsalvat for lunch.


Then Christmas Eve Mr Boardie wants to tie me up and unwrap me 😂 it’s his Christmas pressie to me 😩

Looks like my first Christmas being single is going to be a memorable one 😂 in the sex department at least 😂