I never pay attention.

Mr Engineer is only 46 years old πŸ˜‚ I’m like ummmm. He’s divorced but never had any kids.

He loves architecture, history and the arts. He was also a race car driver when he was younger. Now he works on the test tracks for Ford. It explains the red Mustang GT he owns and drives.

Something about engineers, they are curious creatures. I think that’s attractive in a man.

We spent the whole day together. From coffee at 10am til 6pm. From Port to Montsalvat for lunch and a wander through the grounds. It was such a beautiful place that I’ll be back. I’ll bring my camera next time.

He tells me he’s smitten. He’s got two crosses though. A pot belly and bitten nails.

The pot can be rectified since his knee has been out of action for the past few years. It’s now fixed.

Not sure about the bitten nails. Not sure about his age either or the long distance. He lives in Geelong, a regional city where I used to work.