Why I swipe left..I don’t care that it’s the internet. First impression still count.

  • Photos with the biggest fish they’ve caught- don’t want to be a fishermen’s widow
  • Photos with them topless in bed-only after sex
  • Photos taken with drugged tigers- I mean really? You’re not brave. The poor tigers
  • Photos with young kids-not baby sitting
  • Photos of selfies- love these..as the background is a dead giveaway- dirty bathroom mirror reflections, big mess out the back, they live in a dump. Oh and the ones with toilets and urinals are the worse 😂
  • Photos with sunnies-they are hiding their eyes trying to look cool?
  • Photos with their pets-which is cuter? The pets 😂
  • Photos with pretty girls-what the?
  • Photos of men that looks like they are in their 60s saying they are only 49- come on. They all do it. My FWB is 49 he’s changed his to 44 when I told him he’s got a baby face 😂
  • Photos of fish pouts or puckered lips 😂 yes the men does them too 😂
  • Photos of them with filters on. Really? Grown men looking silly with rabbit ears and what not?
  • Photos of them holding a beer and a ciggie- not into smokers or drinkers
  • Photos of gym junkies-showing their muscles ? Does it means you are inadequate somewhere else 😂
  • Love it when they say they are active and you see their photos to mean otherwise. You can’t say you’re active when you look like a slob.
  • Photos not showing teeth- not risking bad teeth or no teeth at all 😂
  • Photos of them poking their tongue out-to show they are good at giving oral ? 😂

Ummm will add more when I remember