How do you say no? to a guy that

  • Brought you flowers on Christmas Day? Where did he buy them? No one was opened.
  • Help you prep dinner
  • Brought dessert
  • Brought CDs so he can introduce you to the bands he listens to
  • Brought oil so he can give you a massage.
  • Brought wine to share
  • Tells you you’re just perfect for him

I had a hard time saying no. But it had to be done. I’m very perceptive in that I’m good at reading between the lines.

He was into kinks. He tried to tell me they are not important. I told him they are. If they weren’t he would never have approached me about exploring the edges.

I had to worm it out of him. He’s into nipple clamps and the Japanese rope tying where you’re suspended in mid air and whatever else. I’d hate to know.

He’s regretting it now as he’s lost me. He keeps on saying I’ll put that box away.

I’re in denial. It’s part of you. One day you’ll find a girl that’s just perfect for you. I’m not her. I can never be and you’ll resent me.

I fit okie as a lid. But I’m not that perfect lid that your pot needs.