With the New Year comes a new start. Though we Asians get another go at it when the Lunar New Year comes around end of this month.

I celebrated last night by going to a meetup gathering and dancing til midnight to send 2019 off. I was surprised as to how many I knew at the party. Happy to feel inclusive.

This afternoon I went to the nursery to buy rose bushes.

Still one more to go but my Mr Lincoln wasn’t in bloom and I don’t trust the nursery enough to buy without sniffing it first even though the nursery is a well known one.

Here is hoping they will survive our Summer. Our water storage is low thus there will be water restrictions in force.

Not only that we are burning bad. There are bush fires everywhere. I’m thankful my family and I live in the Metro area. I feel for our fire fighters and our regional dwellers.

It’s been bad and it will get worse. It’s heating up again by the end of this week.

My Mr Crown is safe. I sent him a Happy New Year this morning and he’s replied. It means he’s safe from the fires. I don’t know why I worry about him. I guess when you have spent a night with someone you liked a lot you end up caring for them.

He will be out fighting our awful fires and from the videos captured it looks plain awful. I don’t know how they do it day in day out.