January: Last holiday as a family unit. Although we were separated we went anyway as the trip was already paid for.

February: I bought my place

March: I moved out

July: He started paying me rent.

October: I started my tour guiding job

December: I am 95% settled. Only the last 5% to go. The bank has approved the splitting of our mortgage.

It’s been one hell of a year.

Trying to get the kids into a routine. Trying to get me settled into my new place. Trying to settle financially.

Trying to research for my tour guiding gig. Trying to work out my budget. Trying to keep to it. Trying to dodge tolls. Trying to keep afloat whilst emotionally I’m not all there.

Trying not to bawl my eyes out in front of others. And all this was supposed to be amicable.


January: I feel more at peace. I don’t worry about the budget much now knowing I can afford to spend within reason. Meaning my output has to be less than my input plus money put aside for tax and mortgage.

I’ve also managed to find a group of friends and FWBs that I can call on for company. I am dating again.

The kids are okie. I didn’t lose them with the divorce which was my greatest fear.

My New Year resolution is to get myself into routine and into order. Emotionally sound.