I took off to the city yesterday to go wandering. Found this cute place they set up for people to sit and eat. Should have zoomed in πŸ˜‚

Did some retail therapy for my kitchen. They had good sales on.

My roses are thriving in their original pots. This one is called Double Delight. Very scented.

My other pick…Sharifa Asma also scented. I’ve moved both pots into the shade. They were a bit burnt at the nursery.

Also had a coffee date. He sounds okie. A bit old fashioned. Stats..50 years old, 6f3-4, cute, security guard at a high end hotel, works nightshift, 18 years old son, likes short girls, got his own house, lives 30 minutes from me, no pot belly, own hair, own teeth. Ex wife was Asian..Chinese lol

We had coffee then went and watched Star Wars. He held my hand during the movie πŸ˜‚ After the date he expressed interest in seeing me again. Will see if there’s any common ground to hold it all together. Lol

Then went to buy take away for dinner and ended up bumping into my cousin. Thus went back to her apartment to have dinner.

I’m off on another coffee date today in Port. He’s older, 58 years old, business owner-manufacturing, into yacht racing, cycling etc

He assured me he’s still fit and is an energiser bunny in bed πŸ˜‚

I’d better clean up my pigsty. Need to pop by the market to grab groceries for dinner too since the kids are coming.

Feeling a bit better today. I’m a bit more balanced instead of an emotional wreck I was a few days ago.