I’m giving up on internet dating. Last night was my last ever coffee/drink date.

It turned out to be better than I expected. He looked okie for his age. Fit and quite cute. Own hair, own teeth, no pot belly and was tall enough. One adult daughter who lives interstate. Has his own place, stable job. Country boy from Bendigo now Melbourne boy.

Our drink date at the pub finished with a toilet break. Then we went for a walk. Grabbed a pizza at another joint as he didn’t tell me he hasn’t had dinner. Poor thing must have been starving as it was around 8:30pm when we finally sat down.

I already had mine so picked a corner from his pizza.

After that we walked some more. Either he wanted to see how fit I am or he liked my company 😂

We walked and walked and ended up in South Melbourne and didn’t say good bye til 10:40pm.

I walked him back to the pub so he could walk back to his car which was 3-4 blocks away. It was in the opposite direction to where I live.

I got home at 10:45pm. Let just say it was a pleasant date.

He’s since texted me to ask me out on another date. We are off to Ripponlea next time for a picnic once the weather is better.

Ripponlea is an old homestead. I don’t think I’ve been.