Told my tech yesterday I went out with a guy called W. She was like you can’t go out with him as it’s too confusing. I wouldn’t know if it’s my W or your W that we are talking about.

Told W about the conversation and he was don’t listen to her πŸ˜‚

He’s since asked me when I’m free next so have slotted him in for Sunday morning πŸ˜‚

Mr Security got in first with Saturday night and now Mr Wanderer Sunday morning.

Today I’m just cleaning up my apartment and doing laundry.

My cousin is coming to stay overnight at my place since she’s left her apartment to her friends who’s travelling and needing a place to stay for the weekend.

We will go out for dinner which means I have nothing much to do except hang around Port as the Christmas tree people are collecting the tree today.

Should be studying as I’ve got another tour on Saturday. This time another river cruise. Here is hoping the weather is nice.