Mr Security brought gin and lemon. Kind of settled my cough. He also brought condoms and we had a test drive. He passed.

He was also an hour and a half late. He also forgot his jacket and shorts.

Mr Wanderer stuck to his original plans and we went to the homestead. It was a really nice morning wandering around the house and gardens.

Then we went for another walk down the streets and ate at a cafe that I can’t remember the name of.

After lunch we wandered back and had coffee and cake at the homestead before he walked me to the car so I could go spend time with the kids.

He’s really thoughtful. He told me he had ideas for today but wanted to hear about mine too.

And at lunch he said he’d pay and that I can pay for coffee.

We kissed at the car but tiny kisses. He kissed me on the lips and I on his neck.

It was a great date. He’s a bit awkward at times but I like him.

Mr Security on the other hand is simple. He likes his sport, his TV, his drinks and that’s his life.

In the sex department he’s “vanilla”. He likes old fashioned sex. His variety is the different positions. And he doesn’t like “anal” so guess it wasn’t meant to be. I love “anal” Now how do I go about returning his stuff?

Mr Wanderer I haven’t test drive as yet. He knows about my 5 dates curse. He also knows about me test driving my men.

I asked him today if he enjoyed the date? He replied if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here. We met just after 10:30am and I had to apologise to leave at 2:30pm.

Here is hoping next time we meet there are no commitments and I’m not spluttering away. That way we can go in for a proper kiss.