To think that I never had a 5 years plan. I just muddle through life like there’s no tomorrow.

My life was geared towards needs..the major decisions were made with all this in mind.

Moved near his parents due to him wanting to be nearer to them.

Moved to our Mc Mansion as it was equidistance to his work, his parents and my parents.

Also I wanted to get the kids back to the East. Better schools.

Got work at a private hospital to get my foot back in the door. As I took a few years off as a stay at home mum.

Moved to Geelong and went back full time at the hospital to get back into the public system. Boosted my career.

Moved on top of the business as we needed to be in the public school zone.

Moved to Port as it’s where I meet clients from the cruise ships. Also for the kids to go to the beach and for me to be near the beach

As a new year resolution I’ve decided to have a 5 years plan. I think when you have a plan you’re more focused.

1/ next year Paris and Italy to scout around

2/ pay off mortgage in 3 years

3/ rent out my apartment

4/ base myself in France or Italy and travel around Europe.