I’m keeping busy or else I’ll go mad 😩 there is such a thing as wasting time and then feeling bad about it.

Thus this morning I aired out my doona. Smells like mould? Was going to swap them over as it’s Summer.

Anyhow I’m now stuck with using my woollen one or my polyester one.

My garden bed. It’s all slotted in nicely with no need for a hammer. Needed a leveller though. The planks are levelled not so the spacers.

I’ve also ordered 7 bags of potting mix to be delivered for the garden bed.

This bed is going to cost me around $300 all up. Still cheaper than getting a handyman to knock one up for me.

That blob you can see is a pair of birds. They like to sit on my clothes lines and also the rim of the fish pot looking for my gold fish.

Mr Security is coming over at 4pm for pizza. Gives me a chance to give him back his jacket and shorts.

Mr Wanderer left me a message on my phone. Was wondering who it was? 😂 He didn’t introduce himself 😂

Anyhow he tends to send me text from his email account so how the hell do I know it’s him? 😂

Okie it was him. He did give me his phone number and I did add him in. Must have lost it when I pressed delete and lost all of my contacts the other day. Feels bad now.