Last night I had a weird dream. For some reason I took Mr Wanderer home to meet my kids.

I don’t take any guys home and well people were commenting it to me in the dream and I was like I didn’t even think. They also told me how nice he was.

I could see him interacting with my kids and I felt happy that they all got along.

I think deep inside I’m wishing he’s the one. And if he isn’t he’d still make a great friend.

It’s weird as I don’t usually dream about people. And yet there he was.

He commented to me yesterday as we passed the police cars. He said if they’d fined us for dinking he’d have happily paid the fine. As it’s an experience he got to have.

He wrote me this afterwards as we’d agreed to message each other to see who got home first. Me on the tram or him on his bike.

“Hi, I forgot to message you when I get home. Just had a shower and I’ve hung out my washing. Been home about 15 minutes 😘 Great day today!”