Back to dance to keep fit.

My dinner with the kids last night. I made an effort to cook.

My walk this morning to meet up with Mr Wanderer.

Feels like I’ve hit the jackpot with him. Just when I’ve lost all hope with internet dating. He’s such a better fit that I’m wondering what the hell did I see in the other guys?

He gave me these options today for our date..

Option one, meet you in Port Melbourne and we can go for a walk to Polly Woodside and have lunch in that area.

Option two I can meet you in Fitzroy and we walk around check out the cool furniture shops and retro stores. And have nice lunch

Option three whatever you would like to do!

Option four I could give you a hand with your garden bed

Option five a walk along the beach into Saint Kilda or Albert Park and have lunch

Option six could bring my sisters bike over and we go for a little cycle.

We went and had coffee and an almond croissant. Then walked around Fitzroy to look at furniture stores.

Since I wanted lunch in Richmond and he rode in we decided to walk down with his bike to Richmond. A 45 minutes walk away.

Well we didn’t ended up walking all the way as he asked me if I was brave enough to hop on the back on his luggage rack so he could dink me 😂 I ended up sitting astride in my long dress and off we went.

We stopped by St Vinnies and a record store to look at vinyls. He’s into Latin Jazz. Then it was on to Phuoc Thanh for Banh mi with cold meats and meat balls and sesame balls for dessert.

After that we rode to a reserve except google got it wrong and we got to a dead end instead.

I told him no worries plan B just sit on the steps of someone’s place and have lunch.

We ate, we talked and we made out. Afterwards he walked me to my tram stop. He’s such a gentleman. He also asked me when I’m free to meet next.

I offered to accompany him on the drive to Bendigo on Monday to go visit his parents. We will part ways when we get to Bendigo. I’ll go wandering and then hop on the VLine train back to Melbourne. It’s a two hours train ride back.

He’ll stay on overnight with his parents. He said it might be a day trip if he gets all the work done. I told him no stay with them since he doesn’t get to see them that often. I think he was thinking of me when he said that. So that he can give me a lift back. That’s how thoughtful he is. I’m happy to just bring a book and read on the train.

I think he’s it. We are very much alike. It’s a very comfortable relationship.

I’m looking forward to date no. 4. And to think I haven’t even test drive him as yet. We only got to properly kiss today. He let me feel his sausage 😂 since I suggested I wouldn’t mind going to Bunnings and grabbing a sausage for our next date 😂 He was like I have a sausage right here and took my hand so I could feel it 😂

One good thing his sausage came out of hiding when I kissed him 😂