I went to Carlton to catch up with a friend. Wonders what’s behind that door?

This used to be something else. I love it how our street art changes once in awhile.

We had dinner at Tiamo. Quite nice and ended up with coffee there. We both had salads. I had a calamari one.

Took the photo half way through to send it to him since he asked where I was.


She told me I should ring him. As he hasn’t asked me for another date since Tuesday so I’ve been just sitting around worrying.

In the end I took her advice and rang him on the way home. He didn’t pick up. Which made me felt worse.

A while later he rang back. We had a long talk. I shared I’ve ditched all my FWBs so I’m frustrated as and he’s it.

It was then that we lined up our calendars. He’s coming on Thursday for dinner. It’s the only night I’ve got free. Well Monday too but he might still be away.

This weekend we’ve got our Lunar New Year. He’s off to Bendigo again to interview tenants and might go to Yarrawonga to spend time with his family thus there won’t be time to meet.

He did say though if he comes back early we can do something together.

Thursday will be our 5th date. I’m a little anxious about it being our 5th. I’m smitten.