Happy Lunar New Year !! May it be a healthy, lucky and prosperous one. Best of all we can all reset and start over once again 😂 the last month didn’t count 😂

I’ve been busy..not

Only made 3 this year. One for my parents, one for my ex-sister in-law and one for my girl’s potential in-law.

I rang his niece today to ask for her address. Have been in two minds about visiting his siblings. Will make an effort as it’s the right thing to do. Even though we are divorced..

My roses are in. Only waiting for the trellis. The two bushes furthest away are climbing roses.

Got dragged out to karaoke last night after my kids left.

Making a card for my cousin’s little girl. She’s turning one soon.

I’m waiting for a load to be done then I’m off wandering. Still haven’t got money for my kids’ red pockets. Running very late this year.