I’ve missed a day

I was supposed to be studying and well look at that glorious sunshine πŸ˜‚

So I took me off for a mini almond croissant and a coffee. I sat and people watched.

After people watching I was like should I or shouldn’t I?

And of course the temptation was too great this I took off to St Kilda beach.

A house I was going to show Mr Wanderer. It’s cool.

Catani Gardens

Loved the sculptures

Glorious day.

Loved this best, how cute?

We Melbournians love to queue. My usual haunt was closed as it was public holiday on Monday. Australia Day fell on Sunday so we all got a day off.

This is a new restaurant and yes when something new opens in Melbourne we all line up to see how good it is. We are all coffee snobs and foodies here in the land of Batmania.

The offerings

I had the pork bone one. Ummm let just say it was interesting.

Capped off with a rum baba crema. The result? One happy little Ms V.

I rang Mr Wanderer late by mistake as wanted to text him.

Anyhow he rang back to tell me he’s still 45 minutes from home. He had a big weekend in Bendigo. We talked and talked. I guess the more we talk the more we find out about each other.