For some reason WP is different. Drives me nuts.

The bush is out. It looks so much better. Mr Wanderer agrees.

I want to get shutters for my patio. That way I can still hang clothes outside in Winter without it getting wet.

My apartment is not ideal but slowly it’s starting to feel like home. I really want a 2 bedrooms but it means I might have to give up my position on the ground floor and take out a mortgage of 100-200K.

I’m not too sure about that. It’s a huge amount of money considering I only work 1 day a week and it might just send me over.

It’s no point having a 2 bedrooms and have to share it with another person.

So being Ms Careful I might sit tight for now. I’ll see this year out and will consider that option again next year.

My apartment block is quite good in that being a small block they don’t care what you do to your place. As long as it’s within reason.

As for Mr Wanderer we chatted last night. He’s organised accommodation for us already and am to catch the train around 3pm so that I’ll arrive just after 5pm.

He’s also told me he’s had his shots so we are all good to test drive this weekend. He was worried about me being a carrier.

Asians are mostly Hep B positive and well I’ve been a carrier since I was a child. Dad had it and gave it to all of us. I carry the virus but I don’t show symptoms. Every year I go get tested to make sure the viral load is low.

My kids had their shots as soon as they were born to make sure there was no maternal transfer.

Anyhow I’m a bit nervous about being intimate with him. I like him a lot and well I love sex. So if he doesn’t perform I don’t know what will happen?

I’m also deforesting my Amazon for him. I’ve only been bald twice in my life😂 at birth and earlier in our marriage when we were experimenting 😂

I think he doesn’t like bush 😩