When Mohammed is too busy to come to the mountain. The mountain have to go to Mohammed.

He’s declined my offer to help him with the painting of his rental saying it will look unprofessional in the eyes of his tenants.

He doesn’t want personal life mixed up with his rental life 😩

So he reckons he’ll get the painting done on Saturday and am to catch the afternoon train up to meet him late afternoon so we can have dinner together and go see a band.

Then to stay over and spend Sunday with him and his boat 😩 I hate boats. I get sea sick. But since it’s on the lakes hopefully it’s not too rough and I can handle it.

We will drive back on Monday morning. So there you go. I like spending time with him. Will see how this weekend spans out.

Have RSVP to my cousin saying I can’t make it to her little girl’s 1 year old party on Sunday as I’ve managed to catch a cold in Brisbane. Since there will be so many kids there and I’m unsure if it’s a cold or something more sinister it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Tomorrow I’ll head to my parents to give them the pressie to bring along to Sunday’s do.

My sink. Hoping to change it to the one below. I hate it not having a drainer. And the tap leaks 😩
For them to cut the stone will be $595 not including plumber and new sink.

The sink that I want 😍 I do want a double full size sink and drainer but the big ones are too big for my cupboards so this will have to do.
I want a drainer badly.