I got in an hour early so I went hunting for a rashie. Couldn’t find anything with only 30 minutes to the shops closing so opted for a T-shirt. In my haste to leave I’d left my crop top at home.

He rang me as I was shopping to tell me he’s running late so I made my way to the hotel I stayed at last time for a lemon line bitters.

He was so exhausted yesterday we ended up with the pub for dinner then home to sleep.

We are staying at his brother’s bungalow. His brother just popped a toilet into the living area 😂 complete with a chainsaw next to it and no walls.

Otherwise it’s decked out with a bedroom and a shower and vanity. Thus quite adequate. I was like at least it’s not our first date or else I’d freak out.

And yes if you’re wondering we did consummate. He passed.

This morning he’s gone back to paint and I’m having breakfast. Then I’ll go for a walk whilst waiting for him to finish painting.

He found a place that was opened at 7am for me to have breakkie. I was thinking oh no..it’s dead here early on a Sunday..it is a regional city after all.

I had a bacon and egg toastie and a coffee. Now off on my walk. Exploring further a field. There’s a trail to Epsom from the lake.

He hasn’t got anyone to drive his boat this weekend so no water skiing. He wants to go swimming after. Then I think we are heading back.