This weekend has been an eye opener. Firstly he forgot to mention to his brother that I was staying with him in the bungalow.

So imagine our surprise when the brother came back when we woke up. So he sneaked me out the side like a teen and silly me left my back pack with him.

Thus I had no money, no phone, no means of contacting him or to find my way back to Melbourne.

I waited and waited on the street walking up and down a few times and when I couldn’t wait anymore I headed back to the house to find his car gone and was about to ask his brother to contact him.

That was when he came around the corner catching me just in time before our secret was out.

Never again. He apologised. I asked him again how long did his longest relationship lasted? He didn’t say.

Before that we were supposed to meet his friend for lunch. Ended up being 2 minutes late and the friend chucked a hissy fit and went home.

That ruined the whole afternoon for us. So we went to Office Works, bought him a book and Mr Wanderer dropped by his house to send it to say sorry.

Anyhow he came back to the car to ask me what he should do as the friend was in the front yard and he couldn’t drop the book in the mail box.

So told him look tell him you’re driving through and it’s just a little something to say sorry and that you’ll talk to him later.

He was like I don’t know what I am saying sorry for. I told him it’s not for you. It’s a nice gesture for your friend.

I suspect the friend is upset sharing him with me. From what I can gather the friend is going through a rough patch with his wife and well to have to sit through coffee with us being lovey dovey might be just too much.

So explained to Mr Wanderer look next time catch up with him without me so that you guys can talk properly.

Anyhow it’s been one of those weekends. Part of me was happy to spend time with him. Part of me was I don’t know.

I really really like him.