Today I get to see him. My walls are back up. I don’t want to give my heart away though I suspect it’s too late.

What I really want is not to go back to the internet dating scene. I don’t want to waste time with endless coffee dates and getting nowhere.

Hence why I’m giving him a chance. Mr Walkies has already told me he’s not the one. Don’t know what gives him that idea? On paper he ticks all of my criteria.

Mr Boardie laughed and told me he was wondering when all the cuteness was going to wear off. And why am I compromising?

I know what I want. I ultimately want to find someone to be with. To wake up and say good morning with. Now how to find him?

I spent all day baking yesterday. My rum baba. Guess I might have to freeze the rest

Today I’m baking again. This time mini quiches for lunch. Mr Wanderer loves my cooking and he likes home cooked meals. Why the hell am I bending backwards for him? I really like him despite everything.