He texted me at 10:56pm last night asking if I wanted company. I reply sure.

I’ll give it that he’s trying. Before he left for the birthday party he said if it finishes at a decent time he’ll come back here.

I rebutted please don’t over promise as I’ll wait and if you don’t I’ll get disappointed.

He stayed the night..this morning I shipped him off to Bendigo with two quiches and a green tea. He’ll eat on the way.

I like it that he listens. I guess with every new relationship one needs to establish grounds.

I need to work on communicating what I want.

His last relationship finished 18 months ago. She cheated on him. I can understand he’s being cautious. Especially with me since I’ve been polyamorous.

I’ve only moved out for near a year. I haven’t had a relationship after my divorce as I’m fussy. None of the guys made it past the 5th date. He’s the only one.

Not sure why I made allowances for him. Must be because I see something there underneath his exterior.

I made it clear that I wanted a boyfriend that is around. Not always off somewhere. He needs to make time or else that’s it.

We will have to work it out. May be a mid week dash for a quickie in the morning before I head in to work. He only lives about 15 minutes away from where I work.

In exchange for me as his girl friend he gets my awesome company, delicious food, good massages, great BJ and amazing sex 😂

And he got all that yesterday..we had 4 sessions, anal included.