Yes I’m a bit crazy..we talked on the phone before and the idea of me flying up to Sydney floated.

I’ve booked cheap flights up to join him for dinner on Thursday night. Spend the night with him at the beach and fly back Friday in the early afternoon to be with the kids Friday night.

Turned out he’s booked the same time as me for the flight back but with another carrier as I booked cheap. Couldn’t justify paying $200+ for a flight. Mine was $232 all up. He only texted his flight to me after I texted mine to him. What a coincidence!

I will get into Sydney early on Thursday and go wandering. He’ll be in Mudgee. Coming back with a client Thursday afternoon.

Then it’s play time. Beach here we come. I’m hoping he’d relax a bit and enjoy the seaside with me. He’s such a workaholic.

Plus I have ulterior motives. I’m frustrated as 😂 the 4 sessions on Saturday is not lasting me all week 😂