I flew budget this time. Not bad service though they slug you for everything.

I’m ready for take off

Beautiful stretch of water before we land

You’d think we are in Melbourne πŸ˜‚ their light rail is twice as long as our trams

I made a beeline for my favourite Thai place

Spicy sausages with sticky rice and a Thai milk tea

Love the old walls

Bought some snacks

Queen Victoria building

Since the sun came out I went to catch a ferry over to Watson’s Bay.

Circular Quay

Watson’s Bay

Chowder for lunch

Views from up high.

Catching their light rail to Randwick. It’s really cool. They had their own tracks so no sharing with the traffic. Also to touch on and off you do it at the stop so no crowding on trams. I’m impressed.

Walking to Coogee from the light rail

The hotel was really nice they upgraded us to a partial views room.