I think I’m reasonable fit. We did 20-25km walkies yesterday. I’m a bit sore today as I had sandals on not runners.

We got up and checked out to go wandering for the day. First on the list was the Harbour bridge over to Kirribilli for breakkie.

He’s so very cute..I’m a goner. I told him it was him dinking me on his bicycle that made me fell for him.

When he told me his friend with a Mustang keeps on laughing at him about his Colorado.

The market.

The old church

Then we went back over the bridge to The Rocks. There was also a market there.

After The Rocks we went back to the Art Museum near there to wander through the galleries.

Cool old buildings

Love the sculpture. I wonder what it means?

On the way to Surry Hills we popped into the ANZACs memorial.

Found this interesting article about the Spanish flu..40% death not like the Corona 2% death certainly put things into perspective.

We had a light lunch in Surry Hills. Baos and dumplings. Tasted okie..I can do better.

Then it was on to coffee. We were going to have it across the street. They couldn’t be bothered to take our order. So when Mr Wanderer spotted 2 ladies about to leave we climbed the steps and scored two stools and sat up at Organism to have our coffee and people watch.

We wandered through a few furniture shops. The desk he loved costed 9.4K. The two seaters I loved costed 2.2K no thanks šŸ˜‚

Then we continued through Kings Cross to Potts Point to watch the boats docked there on the other side of the base. I forgot to take photos. This dragon distracted me.

he wanted a boat he saw on the water

It costed 2-3M and 200K a year to dock in Docklands so guess not šŸ˜‚


Then through the park to wander back to the hotel to grab our luggages to go to dinner before heading to the airport.

We ran part way. I’m so very unfit.

I think he’s trying to figure out how fit I am. If I’m good enough to keep up with him. I think he’s impressed considering we danced the night away the night before and sex in between. He hardly moved much on the dance floor. I was like a crazy energiser bunny šŸ˜‚

Love the fountain.

We ended up perched on stools for dinner as I wanted to skip the queue worried we’d miss our flights.

We had green curry, barramundi with green mango salad and a papaya salad with rice. He had Jasmine tea and I had Thai milk tea.

See the bench on the far left? That’s where we were on. He loved dinner. I’m so glad we made an effort to get there.


Then we caught the replacement bus to the airport as no trains was running.

He sneaked me into the Qantas lounge and we had more lovin’ in the shower šŸ˜‚ My flight was delayed thus we ended up in Melbourne roughly the same time and he drove me home. Didn’t get home til after midnight.

It was a great little trip. I’m so happy we decided to ditch our flights to stay another night. I paid $113 and him $99 to buy/ changed to new flights. It’s the longest time I’ve spent with him since the beginning of the year in a one go. We’ve gotten closer.

I think we will do okie as a couple.