Before I left I thought about packing lube and condoms for our dirty night away.

And then changed my mind thinking it would only add weight to my day pack.

I thought well I’ll just buy it in Sydney. It is just as easy. And guess what? Wandering around all day I plain forgot 😂

As for him he was like why pack? Since I always have supply? Since I’m that organised?

Thursday night rolled along. We went out, had dinner, listened to live music, had a few drinks and both of us horny as.

Can you imagine? A beautiful bed with ocean views. He’s all nice and hard and I’m wet as and that was when we both realised condoms 😂

I was like oh well..can’t be helped so I proceeded to give him a blow job. At least one of us will be happy.

And as I was sucking him he pulled out and sprung out of bed. I was like what the?

It turned out he remembered he took his wash bag along and it’s not his usual wash bag. It’s the one he took overseas and there were condoms in them.

And whola there were two in there 😂 they were out of date but so what?

He saved the day 😂 Sometimes little things like that makes you happy 😂