Mr Walkies wrote the other day that if it goes pear shaped he’ll be there. There’s always been a special connection between us. Yet I don’t want to take his offer. I want someone for myself. I don’t want just meets.

Mr UK came to Melbourne yesterday so I met up with him. I don’t know why? I just did. I shouldn’t have. It was a huge mistake.

He kept on saying Mr Wandering is not right for me. Then he made his move. He wanted sex and I told him no. I’m monogamous now and I’m staying that way.

I’ve worked so damn hard all year to get where I am today to have him spoiling it. It’s been two months of no sex or only sex with Mr Wanderer. No more FWB, no more chatting to randoms. In the end I won.

Today I’ve been thinking about Mr Wanderer. I am very attracted to him yet deep down I have doubts. I’m not sure but for now I’ll let it be. May be he’ll surprise me..if not I can always start again. Every time I date, I get a little closer to what I want.