I’ve been away with Mr Wanderer.

His Ute and our bikes. The wheels hidden inside the boot.

Our sleeping quarters. It didn’t look like this after. As it’s too hot.

The cooking facility. It had an oven and a gas cook top.

And our little gem. The hot water system for our outdoor showers.

As I was leaving his place today he was hooking up the out door shower to his Ute. It’s so next time we are away it’s not as fiddly.

My bike and our trail. It’s a rail trail. Lots of them around. This one was quite awful for me as I’m a novice. It was handy as it taught me how to change gears.


We were looking for the trestle bridge.

Me and the cows. Our routine was that he would ride ahead and scout the area and come back and check up on me. He’d do this a few times during the ride.

On the first day he actually rode all the way back and drove back with the van to pick me up. I had fallen over and well it was quicker than me riding back with him.

After the ride we had a shower and went for a pub meal.

Our views when we woke up in Kilcunda.

Breakfast in bed. I made kimchi pancake. He made tea for us.

Another bike ride.

Found coffee at a quaint converted church in Dalyston.

How cute is this?

His little caravan. It’s 12f long. Tiny but functional. We didn’t use the inside toilet as too yucky to clean. He did offer but I just roughed it and either did it in the bush or at a public toilet where we stopped.

Our views for lunch in Inverloch. We were really lucky to pull in to a big enough space.

I mean how can you top this?

I groceries shopped at Wonthaggi the last town and we had wraps for lunch. He had smoked salmon and salad and I had cheese and salad.

We then made our way to Boolarra for the next rail trail. This time he rode only. So to get him ready we had pikelets for afternoon tea.

He told me he saved the mixture for a special occasion 😂 the best before date was like 2015 😂 I made him 3 and 1 for me. I was a bit dubious. He was like it’s okie.

I’ve had to crop him out 😂 couldn’t find any maple syrup so we had it with fig jam, cream and berries. Like usual I cooked and he made tea for us.

After the ride we had a shower then went to the pub to eat. It’s a community pub and has free camping as long as you’re self contained. If not it’s $5 per person for shower and toilet facilities.


We missed the folk festival by a day. There was live music on Saturday night. We did listened to some though. There was a caravan near by that played live music.

This morning we went for a short walk.

We didn’t see much as it’s Monday. Work day. He was busy making calls. Checking and answering his emails. Making plans for meetings.

This was the one he did yesterday. It’s really steep in some part hence why I declined.

Coffee place across from the park.

The cute house we checked out.

For a cool 340K you can own this house.