Situation is getting dire..well not yet.

Frozen section gone. I can see some pizzas left. One good thing my area is full of young ones so all they eat is frozen meals 😂

One guy was like may be it’s a good time to diet 😂

Meat section gone too except for some lone trays of bbq sausages the ones you can buy bulk for $9.

This is all because the papers advised people to stock up for 2 weeks. I’ve never seen anything like this.

Still no flour or pasta or toilet paper.

Plenty of fresh vegies around still.

I’ve bought fresh hard vegies like carrots, cauliflower , zucchini etc will blanch them and chuck them up my freezer.

There was a few cans of peas and corn, asparagus left yesterday.

I rang mum and she told me Costco still got lots of stock. I’m good for now.

Worse comes to worse I’ll just make noodles from scratch. Plus with us Viet we only really need rice and fish sauce.

Was joking with the kinder mums on Saturday and they were like we are Chinese. We only need rice and soy sauce 😂

I’m glad my family eats everything because if you’re fussy or you’ve got intolerances you’re stuffed pretty much.