Usually they are $2-3 a kilo when in season. $5-6 when not. Yesterday it was like $9.90.

Last night it was warm thus we rode to St Kilda for dinner. As soon as we got out of the door it rained big drops. Crazy us went anyway and the rain stopped. More like a shower.

We wanted those seats 😂 lots of people out. We were out thinking better enjoy it before everything goes into lock down.

They’ve already reported the CBD down 40% in foot traffic.

A way to a woman’s heart. A new sink. Very happy.

Mr Wanderer helped me with the sink. It needed a bit of support. He’s a keeper that’s for sure.

This morning he bought wine. I bought some too for him as a mixed dozen only costed $120. He paid me cash 😂

Australian wine drinkers better buy up. Apparently there will be a shortage as our grapes are affected by the bush fires. The smoke has gone into the grapes which meant it’s useless.

As for me I’m near the end. My divorce settlement should go through pretty soon. I’m free. May be that’s why Mr Wanderer has been attentive. He’s certainly changed for the better. Either that or I’ve grown on him 😂

Love it that we are spending more time together. He’s got his own toothbrush at my place now. I gave him my spare toothbrush and it’s pink 😂