If I leave it for Popeye it’s never going to get done.

That and I’m bored stiff so might as well get busy. That was last night.

It took me awhile between YouTubing and trying to figure out how to do it.

The chopsticks did the trick. Found out if you leave one side of tyre out it’s easier to just slip the tube in.

My hand after. Well both hands were as bad.

This morning I managed to put the wheels back on. Sent Popeye a photo. He was impressed. As for me I am proud as. Have learnt a new skill.

Managed to clear out the drying cupboard in my laundry/bathroom.

It’s not a good drying cupboard as for some reason I get food odour coming from it.

Have ordered one of these to go in it to store stuff. My shoes rack will go down to the storage cage.

Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. Much better utilisation of space. Very happy.

Looks like being lock down has its advantages after all. The apartment has never looked better.

I’ve also ordered a wall bed mechanism. It’s about $500-600. The one with the cabinet was $1200-1300. I figured I’ll buy the mechanism and then buy a cheap linen cupboard. Pay for a handyman to put it together and whola I can pack away the single bed in my room.

I think it will be a cheaper alternative. Winter is coming and I need room to hang out clothes inside if need be.

Popeye has been sending me photos every day to update me what he’s been up to. Apparently that’s a seeder 😂 for us non farming people 😂

He’s living in a shearing shed with his friend. Apparently his friend has 2 caravans in there and bathroom, toilet and kitchen all done up. They’ll sleep in the caravans.

Not sure about the kitchen as all I see is meals being cooked on a BBQ.