He’s gone to do a long bike ride this morning. I’m at home relaxing.

He gave me two options last night. Either back to my place or his place. I told him mine.

He’s been with me since Saturday evening and it’s Friday today so all week. The only time we didn’t see each other was Tuesday night as I had to go cook for the kids and then worked on Wednesday.

Last night he brought pizza and I got a seafood hot pot and some entree.

We still have pizza left for lunch. I’m going to make some pumpkin soup to go with the pizza. If I ever get up from this sofa 😂

Will make a salad of some sort too.

Have not been for a walk today. Feeling tired and sleepy.

Tonight my kids are coming over. I don’t have to cook as they want American BBQ for dinner.

As for Popeye he’s off to Horsham to go work as a farm hand for his friend for the week.

His friend needs help and well not even the government lock down can stop him from getting away.

He’s bringing his letter of offer with him just in case the cops pull him over.

I was wondering how he’d cope for the next 6 months. I knew he wouldn’t and would think of something.

I won’t see him at all next week. It’s weird. I can’t believe we’ve been together all of this week. Guess it takes awhile to get used to being with someone 24/24 again.