Of time. This is what happens when you only work one day a week and all your other commitments taken away from you.

Since I don’t have any volunteering and any meetup to attend I’m like a floundering fish struggling to cope.

This morning I decided stuff it I need to get out and so was going to go walkies to the PO Box to collect my mail then come back to go to Bunnings.

As I had to go past Mr Boardie’s place I called in to see if he wanted to join me. We haven’t caught up for about half a year? Or more?

It turned out he did. He said you must have read my mind.

The walk turned out to be a two hours walk. We walked to the PO Box then to Woolies as I wanted powder to freshen up my carpet. He needed an oven cleaner.

After that we walked to the river went all the way to South Wharf cut across to go to Bunnings and well Bunnings had a long queue so we gave it a miss.

Walked to Coles as I wanted a roll from Bakers Delight and he needed milk and said good bye at the corner where I have to turn into my street.

It was really nice to walk and talk. Mr Boardie is a great friend. I know we used to be FWB. I like it that he’s respectful. He’s not like other guys that would try to take me to bed and not be respectful like Mr UK.

My lunch from left overs the night before.

I texted the ice cream tub to Popeye saying I have no one to help me eat it.

And that my hand misses his hand.

He wrote back..So much work here, I’ll call you later

It’s now 6pm no calls as yet. I’m not going to wait for it.

Isolation dinner. Japanese curry I cooked a few weeks back thinking we might go into lock down and no food.

Fresh Bok choy blanched and left over rice from the other night.

Guess I’d better start eating my meals. No cooking for awhile at this rate 😂