Yes we are. Our numbers are looking very good for Australia.

I can’t wait until they lift the restrictions.

May be I won’t upgrade my apartment after all and buy a campervan instead.

This lockdown made me realise how I love to wander and I think that’s what I want to do.

I got so bored so my hats are back out.

Also took the rack off all ready for the new shelvings.

I popped it next door to hang my wet tea towels before they can get washed.

Also managed to screw the holder in for the remote for my fan and light combo.

Have had something to eat. I’m going to go hang out clothes and get ready to go back to cook for the kids.

My in charge has just texted me to say tomorrow will be reduced hours. Less money in my pocket..oh well. Better than sitting there twiddling my thumbs. I’ll be working 8-4pm instead of 8-6pm.

Rang Popeye last night to have him ring me back. He sounded distant.

Don’t know why? May be he was just tired. Long day for him from the sound of it. They were doing burn offs. With their day starting at 6am and didn’t end til late.

After awhile I let him go as he’s had a long day. He told me he’ll ring me today. Not hanging out for it.