I took off today. Went walkies just to stretch my legs.

A big playground near the Docks.

Have to take the kids here when they come in the day time.

The beautiful silvery blue water.

Contrast to the same water just a bit away. That’s Port Melbourne and the CBD (Central Business District) behind it.

In the olden days ship would come into Port Melbourne and it’s a long 3 miles trek into the CBD.

To the far left is the Bolte bridge or we call it the two fingers bridge…aka the F..you bridge.

Then the wheel..The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel.

To the right you can see a very high building with a crane on top. That’s going to be our tallest building in Australia the Australia 108. Near it is the presently tallest the Eureka.

To the far right you can see the Spirit of Australia. It’s our ferry service to the island state..Tasmania.

My apartment block is a bit further right from that and inwards from the beach.

Views of the Docks and Westgate bridge connecting Melbourne to the Western suburbs.

Home to eat left overs..

Mr Wanderer rang me before. He’s not going to head back til Monday. Even then I’m not sure if he’ll head back at all.

A bit upset but oh well I didn’t really know him 3-4 months ago so it’s not like we’ve been together that long..plus we have to find a way for it to work.

Last night I told him next time he goes away for work I’m tagging along. To which he said yes.

Mr Boardie reckons Mr Wanderer is good for me as both of us are learning as we go. I’m learning to let go a bit and he’s learning about relationships..what’s involved since he hasn’t been very successful with his relationships in the past. Hence why he’s never married.

Mr Boardie told me I’m doing well. I trust him. So will see.

Mr Wanderer said he’ll ring me later. As he was heading off for a bike ride and then helping his friend to do more burn offs and sort out farm equipments after.