Can’t believe I’m such a chicken. I actually got up enough courage to ride to the market today. It’s about 1.6miles away.

My goodies..calamari, my mail and pastries for dessert.

I didn’t end up locking my bike here. I locked it further along where there were people around.

I also didn’t ride where google map wanted me to go. I just rode the same way I would usually walk. Through the little streets. Where it’s a bigger road I’d ride on the footpath/nature strip.

And yes I got back safe and sound. The ride was pretty easy. Don’t know why I didn’t do it before.

It’s pretty easy as I’ve been riding a bike with my front wheel nearly coming off. Luckily Mr Wanderer found out and fixed it for me before he left for the country. So today the bike rode like a breeze.

My kids came for dinner and the oldest left me biscuits for Mr Wanderer.

I told him he’d better come back soon or else they’ll be all gone. He reckoned it was sweet of her.

He’s been ringing me every night. It’s been nice. He’s getting better. There’s hope for us.