Only realised now that I haven’t posted.

I took off again this morning.

In the other direction though

I didn’t want to turn back so I walked and walked

The pier

Our cafe..that we sat watching the sunset. So sad..

I made it to St Kilda. In the olden days it was thought that St Kilda was as pretty as the Garden of Eden.

I did turn back in the end

Can see Port in the distance. On the way back.

Not sure what this one was? The beach was spotless though..guess no people no rubbish?

Nearly home.

I must be getting fitter. As I needed to walk further each day so I can sleep at night. To stop my legs from being restless.

I need to get back into shape. Mr Wanderer said he doesn’t like girls that have bellies bigger than that of cows 😩

We had wonton noodle for dinner. My youngest helped me make them.

As for Mr Wanderer with his sweet dream wish for me tonight was an extra missed you..

I missed think it’s only been 3-4 months.

I told him I missed spooning him, feeling his soft chest hair against my back as we cuddled to sleep. He’s got lovely soft hair/fluff.

Gosh how can I get used to someone so quick ?

Mr Boardie has told me if I ever needed sex I know where to find him.

He’s terrible. I’m exclusive now. I still don’t know how I am going to fit into Mr Wanderer’s life.

Where do I fit?

On that note it’s bed time. It’s another short day for me at the hospital tomorrow. They’ve cut my hours. Hopefully not for long as electives are starting up again next week.