Apparently electives are back after ANZACs day. It means I’ll have my normal hours back. And the poor nurses get more shifts.

It also means we are doing well. In the papers today they had a list of how they will start relaxing the restrictions.

Next on the list may be letting us visit family and friends.

The bench I past by every time I go into work.

I got a star award at work today. They started taking our temperature at the entrance to the hospital.

Anyone that passes got a star award.

Social distancing is a breeze when I had the whole carriage to myself at around 5pm peak hour. I took this yesterday on the way to grab groceries.

Found an old photo of me. I was two and from mum’s recollection she yelled at me and so I ran away from home.

I climbed down two sets of stairs walked over a common area and climbed another two sets to go to my aunty’s place in the next building.

Mum was frantic looking for me everywhere.

So there you go. I have a history of running away from home 😂