My limes..must be all the pruning I did last year.

Lots and lots of them.

And to think I didn’t get many last year. Probably a few if that?

I pruned some more today to give the limes a chance of thriving.

I went out little one’s birthday is coming up and it’s no use buying it online as our post office is having trouble delivering as there’s a boom in online shopping.

She wanted a pair of wifi ear phones..they costed a mint. I don’t usually give them expensive presents and well this year I’ll make an exception.

My kids have been quite good ever since they were little. They have never asked for this or that. Hence why I’m obliging.

My dinner tonight. Straight from the freezer. I cooked the sauce thinking we’d be in lock down. I did have to cook the pasta though.

I’ll leave you with this..I thought it was quite clever.

Mr Wanderer sent me the one below..

I thought it shows how big your dick is depending on where you put your feet? Okie so I haven’t had sex for more than two weeks 😩

Apparently it’s a calculator 😂