Mr Wanderer texted me yesterday “I’ve gotta tell you I have found a new love up here”

I was like what? Knowing him he’s a joker so I replied..

Who or what am I competing with? Don’t tell me it’s a welder 😩

My heart dropped when he wrote “Actually BARBARA”

Apparently she adores him so much that she loves pinning him down to express her love for him.

My heart dropped even more. No wonder he’s still in Horsham.

I was in the middle of my walk and kind of felt rotten as.

Even the beautiful sunset didn’t brighten up my moods.

He even sent me a photo of my love rival. Turned out to be a bloody sheep 😂

Told him I can’t compete as I haven’t got any wool since I’ve shaved my Amazon off 😩 and that he might as well bring her back so he doesn’t have to mow the lawn.

at least he’s still alive and kicking as they can jump 3 feet high and with 60-70kg on top of him here is hoping he didn’t crack his ribs.