I’ve been decluttering and selling stuff on market place. Apparently the trick is to always ask for cash.

I think I’m reasonable with my prices yet people still test my patience. I listed my filing cabinet for $60 despite it being retailed at $113 new. It’s like near half price as it’s used but in very good condition.

One guy offered me $10 😂 another $30 citing they bought one exactly like that for $30. I was like I only accept $60. Was thinking good luck finding another for $30.

They must think I’m stupid?? Or that I’m desperate to sell? If I don’t sell it I’ll either keep it or donate it to charity.

Today I sold my bedside/filing cabinet for $60. The girl that came to pick it up was lovely. She loved the colour orange as well.

So of course I went to Ikea to spend my proceeds. I bought two bedsides. Also a plastic box for my dehumidifier. It can suck out 7L of water a day yet the water container can only hold 2L? What the?

Problem solved 😂

I love storage..couldn’t walk past the colourful tins. The centre one contains French letters 😂

Box for my make up.

All up $55 plus $1.50 for a cinnamon scroll 😂 I think I did well as I’ve still got change from my sale 😂

Mr Wanderer rang me this morning. His ribs has been bothering him. So guess he did crack them. I ended the call asking him to be careful. He’s working with steel sheets today and they are heavy so hopefully he doesn’t make it worse.

Can’t wait to see him again. Have missed him lots.

One thing about this lock down. My place is looking better. I’ve worked it out what I want to do.

I’m going to stay here in Port. I don’t think I can move from Port. I love the water.

I’m also going to stay put in my apartment unless I find a better apartment.

It’s very tempting to buy a new place, now that the government is thinking of ditching stamp duty and replacing it with land tax to help with COVID recovery.

On that note I’ll end with our new app that we are all supposed to sign up for. So they can trace and give us more freedom.


I haven’t signed up for it as yet. They need 10 million of us to sign up for it to work. It’s only been released days ago and over 2 million has signed up already. We are desperate to end lock down.