It’s 10.6C with a top of 12C (53.6F).

I’m inside still. Just had lunch. Will grab the car to go to the market soon as I’ve got a pick up coming at 2:30pm. It’s now nearly 12:30pm.

Have sold my storage box for $10.

My kids are coming for dinner tonight. I’m making beef casserole for them.

It’s an easy dish with gravy beef.

Pan fry some garlic chuck the beef in, tomatoes, black bean and garlic sauce (Lee Kum Kee), some lemon grass and bay leaves and simmer for 45 minutes with some water lid on. The meat should be tender enough to poke a fork through without resistance.

Then add in the carrots. Once carrot is cooked it’s ready. About 30 minutes later.

Most time 2kg beef needs 1 jar of sauce, 2-3 tomatoes, 1 stalk of lemon grass, a few bay leaves and lots of carrots.

Great with noodles and greens underneath or with fried eggs and baguette for breakfast.

You can freeze it as well for another day.

I’d better get change rug up and get out of here before I get lazy and jump back into bed.

I also sent this one to him to say hi..

Found a photo of a baby on the internet. It reminds me of Mr Wanderer as he always does the same gesture.