What’s going on but I don’t feel like doing much lately. It’s like my mojo has gone on a walkabout.

Today I went out. Wanted to go for a long drive but by the time I’ve gathered paperwork for the bank it was lunch.

Ended up taking off to Richmond for a Viet bread roll.

Then because I was paranoid with people being everywhere I hopped off the tram a few stops back and walked through the park and city.

This building was behind scaffolding for a long while. Looks great now that it’s done.

I was naughty. I bought a donut. It tasted okie nothing flash. Not sure why people rave about them?

As for Mr Wanderer he’s been busy. Those lights were the ones he bought 4 for $50. He’s since welded them onto a frame for his friend’s work shed.

Looks like we will be going back to Gisborne to get some more for his shed.

Today he’s out on the tractor.

As for me? I’ve had offers.

A guy I kissed awhile ago. He’s a young one. In his early 40s. He’s a great kisser.

Then another offer from a guy that loves anal.

I ended up texting Mr Wanderer.

Missing you baby…Offers don’t do anything for me..just makes me miss you more..

He replied..

Look forward to seeing you too 💋💋

He tried ringing before and I was napping. I rang him back and he didn’t pick up. Guess will have to wait til tonight to talk to each other.