My fishies are alive and kicking. I made sure I added extra water neutraliser drops to the water.

I think they like their new home.

I didn’t get much done today. Tried to squash the mattress under my bed and well it didn’t fit.

I did make it to the bank though. Start the ball rolling as I might upgrade to a two bedrooms. I know I don’t need it but would love an extra room.

I’ll be looking around just in Port where I am now. I love living here. So close to everything. Work is half an hour away and so is my parents, my kids and Mr Wanderer.

I went wandering after my trip to the bank and found myself bumping into a Scout friend I haven’t seen for 20-30 years. He’s a NBN technician and well he recognised me and called out my name.

We had a catch up on the street and then I left to find dinner. Wanted to tram it into Richmond for Vietnamese food but changed my mind and opted for laksa. It was yum.

The cafes are all starting to reopen again. They are getting ready for the 1st of June when up to 20 could dine in.

I can hardly wait. In another week we could dine in, go for weekends away, go caravaning. It will be fab.